Step 5:  Create the Animation Clip


This is the final step in the process.  Click the Go Button, and watch your animation go through its final processing.



As each frame is processed, you will see the counter in the Processing Frame Window change.  The following display shows that all 10 frames have been processed, so you can now click the Done Button.



Please note that you can still use the Cancel Button  to cancel a fully processed animation sequence, prior to clicking the Done Button.  After you click the Done Button, the Display Window closes, and the program returns to the primary map display.


Click New Op   which means: New Operation, if you want to create a new animation, or click the Map Reset  on the Tool Bar to quickly return the map to the full disk default display.


More Animation Ideas

Here are a few ideas for additional animations.  You can use the Point-of-View Tool  to create flyovers.  To create an Equatorial Flyover, open the POV Tool, click Central, and select it as Key Frame 1.  Next, click Western, and make it Key Frame 2.  Follow the same procedure demonstrated above, and the Animation Assistant will do the rest.  To create a Polar Flyover, follow the same procedure, but click Central and Northern.  Of course, you can choose a rotation in the opposite directions as well.


Equatorial Flyover                                             Polar Flyover



If you want the map to be zoomed-in more, click the Zoom-in Tool  first.


To create a Phase/Lunation Cycle, open the Phase Manager,  and slide the Phase Selector to the left, and select the first New Moon as Key Frame 1. Now, slide the Phase Selector to the right, to select the next Full Moon as Key Frame 2.  The Animation Assistant will do the rest.




You can use many of the tools in combination with each other by adding additional Key Frames to the animation sequence.  After a bit of practice, you will be able to create some complex and interesting animations.


Please note that the Animation Assistant will not work with the 3D Tool.  


Viewing Your Animations


After you create an animated clip, it is saved to the Resource Viewer. 

To watch your clip(s), you must first click the  Resource Viewer Icon on the Tool Bar.  Select Resources from the Menu Bar,  or click the down arrow, next to Resources Icon (as shown below).  Click Animated Sequences, followed by Your Animations, and open the file with the animation name that you just created.  In this case: Zoom to Plato.  The clip will load and run in the Viewer.



Clicking the Rerun Button, at the bottom of the viewer is the easiest way to play the clip over again.



If you want to delete an existing animation from the Resource Viewer, see: Deleting Animations