Step 2:  Provide Key Frames


Clicking the Next Button brings up this new display on the Animation Assistant.



At the same time, it opens a Display Window so you can build your animation sequence.  The map contained within the Display Window is the primary Lunar Map ProTM map, which has been reduced in size to fit the parameters of your selected image dimensions.  The smaller map responds to all of the tools just as the larger version of the map does.



In the next example, we used the Centering Tool to center the map on the crater, Plato.  Since this will be Key Frame 1, we clicked the Save Key Frame Button.




Please note that although the Navigator Window appears in the Display Window, it is only there as a visual aid, and will not appear in the final animation clip.


Next, we used the Zoom-in Tool to zoom the display to the maximum magnification desired for the animated sequence.  This will be Key Frame 2, so we clicked the Save Key Frame Button again.




Now we are ready to click the Next Button,  and continue to Step 3