Using the Time Manager†† ††


When you click the Time Icon, the Time Dialog (shown below) displays the current time and date.Since the information that it uses is generated by your internal computer clock, it can only be as accurate as your clock setting.


If you have the box checked next to Current Time Zone, the dialog will show your local time each time it is opened.When using local time, be sure you place a check next to Daylight savings (if Daylight Savings Time is in effect), or your local time will be off by 1 hour!



As you can see, time is given in 24 hour (or Military Time), rather than the AM/PM system.On a 24-hour time display, the hours between Midnight and Noon have the same values as the time system we use daily, while the hours between 1:00 PM and Midnight continue counting upwards, between 13 and 24.The time of 21:15 (shown above) has the same value as 9:15 PM.The date is displayed by month/day/year, so the date shown is May 11, 2004.


Uncheck Current time zone (as shown below), and the dialog will revert to Universal Time (UT).UT is the time at the Prime Meridian, which is located at 0 Degrees Longitude.The local time on the display (shown above) was set for Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).Since UT is four hours later than EDT, the lower display indicates the equivalent time of 1:15 AM UT, on May 12, 2004.



When you open the Time Dialog, the clock time remains fixed at the displayed clock setting, unless you choose to change it.†† Since the lunar terminator moves slowly, (approximately 9 mph or 15 km/h), most observers can view the moon for long periods of time before detecting any changes in the terminatorís position.For that reason, RITI decided that map updates should not be automatic, but should be left to the discretion of the observer.You can refresh your map display at any time, by simply clicking the button marked, Current.



When you click Current, the software accesses your computer clock, and updates the terminator, lunar libration, and Ephemeris Data.Please keep in mind that each time you click Current, it will take several seconds for the software to redraw the updated map.The map will not update if less than 5 minutes has passed, since the last update.


Changing Times and Dates†† ††


There will be many instances when you will want to change times and dates.To make date changes, place your cursor on the down arrow next to the Date Display.Clicking the arrow will bring up a small calendar.Click a new date, and then click, Apply.If you prefer, you can also make date changes by highlighting the numbers in the Date Display and typing in new values.


(Alternate Method) ŗ


Clicking the arrows on either side of the calendar advances the calendar forwards or backwards in monthly increments.


†††††††††††††††† ††††


Clicking on the Year, allows you to use the up and down arrows to change the calendar in yearly increments.




To change the time, use your mouse to highlight either hours or minutes in the Time Window, and use the up and down arrows to make the time change.



You can reset the display to the actual time and date by clicking the button marked, Current.


NOTE: The software permits you to select any time and date between January 1, 1970 and December 31, 2100.