Using the Ephemeris Updated for Ver. 4.0


The Ephemeris is designed to provide a wealth of useful information about the moon for any given time and date. As you can see, the data is displayed in two separate windows: Time-Dependent Data and Observer-Dependent Data. Use the Scroll Bars (as shown in the 2nd image) to access to all of the data.



NOTE: Definitions for the Ephemeris terminology can be found in the Glossary, located in the Help Menu.

Time-Dependent Data is correct for any location on Earth, while Observer-Dependent Data is specific to your own observing location The Ephemeris is unable to provide Observer-Dependent Data unless you provide the Longitude and Latitude of your observing location. To add or modify your local information, go to the bottom of the dialog box, and click . (click here to continue) Observer Settings.