Linking Images to Features


You can also easily organize and display a collection of lunar images, because the Feature Finder allows you to link photos to any of the listed features in the database.  Let us say for example, that you have a Plato photo that you want linked with that feature name.  To link the photo with the feature, select Plato from the list, so it is highlighted, and click Linked Images, to open the Images Dialog Box.



Clicking on the Add Image for Feature Button will activate the Open Dialog (as shown):  Search your computer hard drive, until you locate the file folder containing the photo(s) that you wish to link, and click the Open Button.  The image is now linked to the feature.  A small glasses icon is placed next to that feature in the list so you always know that there is a linked photo at that location.  




Once added, clicking on the Linked Images Button will display the photo whenever Plato is highlighted in the Feature Finder.  You can link additional photos to the same feature, or any other features, by following the same procedure.



When you have multiple images of the same feature, you can move back and forth between them by clicking on the << and >> buttons.  These buttons are disabled, (grayed out, as shown above), when there are no other images available in a given direction.


To insert an image between already existing images, move to the image just before the one that you wish to insert after.  Click the Add Image for Feature Button, and proceed.  The image will be inserted in the next location.  Clicking the Remove Image Displayed Button, deletes the link to the displayed image. (It does not delete the image itself.)  Lunar Map ProTM permits you to link photos having any of six popular file formats, including Animated GIF files.



If you have some general lunar images that you do not wish to link to a specific feature name, but still want to be able to view, you can create a general image link.


To start such a collection, highlight a feature group, but do not click on a specific feature name in the right-hand widow.  Follow the same procedure as before.  In the following example, the photo would be linked to the feature type Montes, instead of a specific mountain range.



NOTE:  The Feature Finder NEVER copies your images, nor can it rewrite them or erase them.  It only stores a link to images that are already saved in your file system, and allows Lunar Map ProTM to open them.  Images that are extremely large, have non-standard headings, or are corrupted, may not display correctly.


Linking Observing Notes to Features