Labeling by Specific Feature


You can create custom maps that are only labeled with the specific features that you want to display, while ignoring all other features.  The labels can be displayed in your choice of font size, font style, and font color, and you can even choose the placement of the labels so that there are no overlapping labels on the map.  The procedure is not difficult to master.  Just follow these steps.


1.  Zoom in on a small section of the map that you want to custom annotate.



2.  Open the Feature Finder, and select the feature type of interest.  All features within that selected group will be highlighted in green on the map.




3.  Next, place a check in the Label Selections Box, and click on the desired map feature.  As you can see in the following example, the label is quite large, due to the high zoom ratio.




4.  To change the fonts, click Customize Label, to open the Label Dialog.  Use the arrows to make changes to the Typeface and Fonts Sizes.




5.  To change font colors, click Set Text Color, to open the Color Dialog.  Select or define a new color, and click OK.




6.  You also have the option to decide where you want to place the label in relation to the feature, by using the Set Feature Label Position.  Next, click Apply to Current Label, to put the changes into effect.




7.  To label other features, repeat the procedure.  If you wish, you can click Save Settings on Exit.  The label setting will be applied to all subsequent labels you create.




8.  After your labeling is completed, choose <No Selection> on the Feature Finder.  This will remove any highlighted vector lines from your map, prior to printing.  Custom Labeling can be done on vector maps as well as texture maps.





Deleting a Custom Label


If you want to delete a label that you already created, click on that map feature, and uncheck Label Selected Feature.





Saving Custom Labels