Linking Observing Notes to Features


Creating Observing Notes Files


In addition to organizing your photographs, you can also organize, view, and edit your observing notes with Lunar Map ProTM.  Organizing your observing notes is easy, because they can be written and edited directly through the Feature Finder.


Whatever feature is selected when you click the Observer Notes Button, becomes the file association that you will create and use.  You may organize your notes by feature or feature type, or you can place them in a general lunar notes file, which is made available when no feature type is selected.


If a notes file is not yet linked to the currently selected feature or feature type, when the Observer Notes Button is clicked, the Create/Link new Notes Dialog will appear.  In the following example, an observing notes file is being created for the crater, Aristarchus.  Click Continue to create a linked Notepad File.




Note files created through the Feature Finder will be saved in the Notes directory of the Lunar Map ProTM application.  If you have not changed the installation default, they will be located at: C:\Program Files\RITI\Lunar Map Pro\VC6\LunarMap\Notes.


Linking Existing Observing Notes Files


Any of your existing note files may also be linked to a feature or feature type in much the same way that your photos are linked.  You may link any valid file formats as long as the association is valid.  To link existing observing notes, follow the same procedure as shown above, but click Browse instead of Continue >>.




That will cause the Open Dialog to appear.  You can now search through your hard drive to find and open the folder containing the document that you want to link.



Be sure to set the drop down menu, at the bottom of the dialog box to read: All Files [*.*] so that all document formats are displayed, regardless of the file extension.  Once a notes link is established for a feature, a small note icon appears next to the feature for future reference.  



NOTE:  Existing note files only have their link saved.  Moving, renaming, or deleting a linked note file will make the link unusable.  When the Feature Finder attempts to connect, it will be as if no link had ever been established, and you will have to redo the link.


Labeling by Specific Feature