Changing Label Fonts and Colors


After selecting a feature group, click the Edit Button to open the Edit Label dialog.  This allows you to make changes to the typeface style, size, and/or color of the font.




To change the typeface, click on the down arrow and select any typeface from the list.  To change font size, click the appropriate up or down arrow to increase or decrease the size.  To change font colors, click the Set Text Color Button. 




Select a new color, or define a custom color by clicking on a selection in the Color Dialog.  Now click OK.



Once you select the fonts and colors that you want to use, you have the option of making your new font selections Temporary or Permanent.  The Labeler always returns to the original software default settings when the Labeler is closed and reopened, unless you check, Save Settings on Exit, and click, Apply.  Once that is done, the default settings are replaced by your own settings.




After you label the map features you can minimize, or close, the Label Dialog Box without deleting the labels from the map.  To remove all labels simultaneously, place a check in the Remove Labels on Exit box, and close the Labeler.