Landing Sites (Manned and Unmanned)    


When you click this button, the dialog box (shown below) opens, making it possible for you to display the actual landing sites of the manned and unmanned American Lunar Missions, as well as the unmanned Soviet Lunar Missions.


The missions are arranged in four groups.  They include the American Apollo manned landing sites, the American Surveyor and Ranger unmanned landing sites, and the Soviet Luna (Lunik) unmanned landing sites.  By checking, or unchecking the individual boxes in each mission category, you can selectively display landing locations, mission #s, and landing dates for each mission group.  The mission groups are also color coded for easier identification.


Checking all twelve boxes at once will tend to overload the map with data making it difficult to read.  It is better to limit the amount of information displayed at one time, by checking fewer boxes.  Zooming in on the map improves the accuracy, appearance, and readability of the display.




NOTE:  Using the Feature Finder, you can locate the craters:  Armstrong, Collins, and Aldrin.  These craters, in the Sea of Tranquility, were named after the three members of the Apollo 11 flight crew.  They are the only lunar craters to ever be named after astronauts.  The Feature Finder will also show the locations of the 79 features named by the Apollo Crews.