Resource Viewer  


The Resource Viewer functions as an educational supplement to Lunar Map ProTM 4.0 DE.  It stores animation clips that you create with the Animation Assistant, provides easy access to numerous informative Lunar Internet Websites, and also contains a series of interesting Apollo Video Clips.


When the Resource Viewer is initially opened, you will see an animation of the moon’s monthly phase and lunation cycle.  Above the main window you will find the Menu and a set of Tool Buttons (as shown below).





The Stop Button  can be used to stop an animation, and the Refresh Button  will restart the animation again.  The Back and


Forward Buttons  allow you to navigate through open pages.


If you click the Resources Menu or Resources Button, you have access to a list of available categories.  Touching any category with your mouse, displays a sub-directory of sites within that group.  In all, there are more than 40 sites available.




To create hard copies of documents, simply click the Print Button.


If you want to change the font size appearing in a document, select the down arrow next to the font icon, and make a new selection.