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Lunar Map Pro

Lunar Map Pro 2.0 (Advanced Edition)

new features in 2.0
Database An additional 200+ lunar objects have been added, to provide more than 7,600 features to explore and learn. 

Lunar Maps Now offers five different types of dynamic maps: see samples

  • USGS Raster Image Map:  Gives you an image with 3D photo-realism.The high-resolution image map is graded at 600 meters per pixel, more than enough resolution for most amateur telescopes.
  • Geology Map:  Allows detailed study of lunar geological features.  Map is beautifully color-coded, and USGS classified by: Type, Age, and System.
  • Vector Map:  Provides ultra-sharp, detailed and accurate graphic data.  Highly admired, and praised as the most “detailed vector map” ever produced! 
  • Raster Map with Vector Support:  Combines the Raster (Image) Map, and Vector (Graphic) Map, to augment low contrast features, such as domes, and enhance the more difficult limb features.
  • Vector Outline Map: An accurate, ultra-sharp map, without any shading. Ideal for sketching at the eyepiece.

Libration Correction Maps are displayed in real-time, and provide full libration correction, while still retaining high resolution from limb to limb.


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• New in 2.0

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Multi-Point Lunar Distance Measurement This upgrade combines the values of multiple selected points, making it possible to accurately measure curved or jagged features, such as Rilles, Dorsum and Mountain Ranges. Two point measurements can still be utilized for measuring features such as Craters and Mare, as well as distances between features.

Seamless Map Switch-over and Orientation Map styles and orientations can be changed seamlessly, without requiring that the user open new maps, or lose user-selected map operations, such as zoom or labeling.

Toolbar Buttons All key Lunar Map Pro Tools and Feature Managers now have shortcut buttons for easy, user-friendly access.

More Feature Data

  • Sunrise & Sunset Times are provided for all named lunar features.
  • Provides numerical position angle, topocentric, geocentric, and heliocentric, libration data.

Redesigned Tools

  • Phase Manager has had a visual makeover for easy viewing, and a redesigned engine for the faster loading and display of lunar phases. The upgrade makes it possible to get the date and time for the four primary lunar phases during any selected lunation.
  • Surveyor has been updated to show distance in arc seconds, in addition to kilometers and miles, and curved features can now be accurately measured with the multi-point capability.
  • Ephemeris has a new visual look for easy viewing, and now provides lunation data, and useful libration information.
  • Grid Lines are dynamically generated according to the map scale, and the coordinates can be read using the mouse Hover capability.

USGS Gazetteer The USGS Gazetteer database provides useful historical information for each feature. Find out for whom a feature was named, as well as feature dimensions, height or depth, and more.

Improved Speed and Performance Tools, maps and database features are optimized for improved speed and performance.

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