LMP-001 "Unable to access system registry"

If you are getting this message, your PC probably has 2 CD drives or 1 CD drive and a Virtual Drive. If so, make sure that the drive not being used for the LMP CD is empty.

This is due to a bug in third-party code.

Version 1.5
Proceed to install to Version 1.5, using your Upgrade CD pack. Version 1.5 will solve your problem.

Version 1.0 1.3 only
If you have Version 1.0-1.3 and prefer not to upgrade to version 1.5, we have a 2MB patch for this bug that can be downloaded from our FTP site or, if you prefer, we can send this patch to you via e-mail. Please contact
support@riti.com for further instructions.

If this is not your situation, you may be installing without administrative privileges or somehow have security set so that applications cannot access the registry. You will need administrative privileges and the ability to write to the system registry. LMP is component software that finds other components through the registry. Security settings would not be set restricted by default.

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LMP-002 Lunar Map Pro runs slowly after installation

If your PC meets the Lunar Map Pro requirements, yet still runs slow, you may have McAffee Anti-virus running in the background which may interfere with Lunar Map Pro. Try turning off McAffee software to see if there is any difference in speed performance.

If speed is still an issue, you may wish to upgrade your computers graphic card.

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LMP-003 "SDM cause an exception 10H in module SDM.exe"

This message may occur due to bugs in older HP printer drivers for Windows 98 and ME. You may need to download the latest driver for your printer. We suggest you log on to HP support for driver download.

See the releaseNotes.txt for further info.

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LMP-004 "No Valid CD"

You do not have the Lunar Map Pro 1.0 CD in the CD drive. Lunar Map Pro requires the Lunar Map Pro 1.0 CD to be in the CD Drive to start. Once it starts, you may remove it for storage. 

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LMP-005 Anti-Virus Software or Firewall

McAffee Anti-Virus Software will interfere with Lunar Map Pro installation, and may affect the running performance of LMP.

To ensure proper installation of Lunar Map Pro, we advise you to shut down all anti-virus software, especially McAffee, and firewall applications. Lunar Map Pro is component-based software that requires installation and registration of each component. Anti-virus and firewall programs may interfere with the installation process. The result is an incomplete installation, where some of the components are not installed properly. When this happens, you will see the message "unable to connect to server", as you attempt to use various LMP capabilities. If this happens, please reboot your system, shut down your ant-virus software or firewall, and reinstall your Lunar Map Pro over your previous installation.

Once LMP has been installed once, the installation mechanism will not start automatically when the CD is inserted in the drive. To reinstall you must do one of the following:

Your McAffee software may adversely affect Lunar Map Pro performance. We suggest turning it off, or using alternative anti-virus software. 

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LMP-006 Unable to connect to SDM server

See LMP-005

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LMP-007 Images and note links in the Features are no longer available after I upgraded to Version 1.5

During the upgrade of version 1.5 from Version 1.3, the database in the Features Manager was reorganized extensively to add new functionalities and to make naming conventions consistent with the USGS Astrogeology Research Program. As a result, most links set prior to the installation of v1.5 will become inoperative. To restore links after installation, follow the same procedure used to establish the links originally, i.e. use the linkage facility of the Features Manager to reconstruct any broken links. If you created notes files using the Features manager you should be able to create links to these files, you will find them in the Lunar Map Pro\VC6\LunarMap\Notes directory.

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LMP-008 Lunar phase mask and features that have been selected via the Feature Manager print without any surface detail behind them, when printing image-based maps

Some printer drivers do not correctly handle combined vector and raster data. Try downloading the latest driver for your printer. If the latest driver does not solve the problem, it may be avoided by printing pure vector maps.


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