Lunar Map Pro 2.0 and Lunar Map Pro Basic Edition features: The most accurate measuring tool available

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to determine the diameter of a lunar crater near the limb, where the oblique angle of view creates a highly exaggerated, elongated view of the feature?

Lunar Map Pro™ is built on a highly advanced Geographic Information System (GIS). When you use the Surveyor Tool to measure lunar features and surface distances, the software automatically adjusts for the projection, as well as the spatial and plane coordinates, and provides a very accurate measurement.

For example: Let’s take the crater, Ptolemaeus (Lat. 9-09-14S), (Long. 002-00-11W). A measurement taken from north to south, using Lunar Map Pro's Surveyor Tool will show it to be 79.06 miles or 127.3 Km or 69.60” of arc in diameter on 6/14/2003. (see below). If you check a reference manual, you will find that this measurement is correct.


Lunar Map Pro 2.0 Only : Surveyor Tool Enhancement

Multi-Point Lunar Distance Measurement This is an upgrade that combines the values of multiple selected points, making it possible to accurately measure curved or jagged features, such as Rilles, Dorsum and Mountain Ranges. Two point measurements can still be utilized for measuring features such as Craters and Mare, as well as distances between features. 

For instance, the image below displayed a “multi-points” (21 continuous points to be exact) measurement around the crater Ptolemaeus and Alphonsus, which are labeled here for easy viewing.  The distance around the craters is approximately 686.0 km or 426.1 mi.


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