Lunar Map Pro 2.0 features: Libration Correction

Maps are displayed in real-time, and provide full libration correction, while still retaining high resolution from limb to limb.  Now, you can survey an additional 9 percent of the Moon.

For example, the image below is displaying the moon for June 20, 2003.  It shows that the point where the Prime Meridian is intersecting the Equator has shifted towards the Southwest Quadrant.  (Note the two blue lines which intersect at 0 degrees Latitude and Longitude).

Note: You can see the North Pole where all the lines of Longitude merge.

For that same day, Lunar Map Pro’s Ephemeris shows libration data as well.

If we roll the date back two weeks, to June 6, 2003, you will notice that the Prime Meridian and Equator are shifted towards the Northeast Quadrant, and the South Pole can now be viewed.

Note: You can now see the South Pole, where all the lines of Longitude merge.

The Ephemeris has also updated to provide the Libration information for that day.



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