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Attention Pilotage applicants! Are you preparing for your federal first class pilot's license? RITI can help. Since 1998, we have supported hundred of federal pilots by supplying chart sketches to mates, captains and pilot associations, as well as state and USCG Regional Examination Centers (REC).

Based on NOAA charts, RITI ChartSketch has been carefully  developed to meet applicants' needs and REC requirements. ChartSketch contains landmass outlines that are geo-registered to precisely match NOAA charts and US Army Corp. of Engineer (USACE) river maps. Charts may include a combination of navigational features, depending on each REC's standards. Allowable features may include:

  • Landmass outlines (example)
  • All or one set of latitude and longitude lines (example)
  • Compass Rose (example)
  • Border, neat line, degree, and minute markings (example)
  • Bridges and piers (example), jetties (example), or docks (example)
  • Nautical miles, statue miles, and yard scales (example)

To reduce the problem of shrinkage, which can occur as a result of environmental factors, we print our pilotage charts on premium quality, 100% cotton fiber-base vellum paper. This 20 lb. vellum has a specially engineered surface that accepts ink uniformly and achieves the greatest possible density without pooling or running, offering better handling characteristics and extra durability over many other tracing papers.


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