This method returns the textAPI object corresponding to the map.  The method is used as shown below.

In VC++, allocated on the heap (assuming featAPI is an instance of FeatureAPI):

  1. ItextAPI* txtAPI = new ItextAPI;

  2. txtAPI->m_lpDispatch = featAPI.getTextAPI();

In VC++, on the stack (assuming featAPI is an instance of FeatureAPI):

  1. ItextAPI txtAPI;

  2. txtAPI.m_lpDispatch = featAPI.getTextAPI();

In VB (assuming featAPI is a FeatureAPI object):

In the declarations:

Public txtAPI As Object


Private txtAPI As Object

Where needed:

Set txtAPI = featAPI.getTextAPI

The client receives an instance of this object shared by other clients, if any.