long setColor(string attrName, string attrVal, long colorRef) 

This method sets the color of the transient feature(s) identified by the combination of attrName and attrVal to the color given by colorRef.  The argument attrName can be either "CARIS Key", "Feature Code", or "Source ID". The argument attrVal must then be either a CARIS Key value, Feature Code value, or Source ID value, respectively.  If no features are found that satisfy the given criteria, the method does nothing.

The argument colorRef must be a standard WINDOWS COLORREF value which can be created with the RGB macro, i.e.

COLORREF color = RGB( r, g, b ),

where r, g, and b are BYTE values between 0 and 255.

This method returns zero upon success, and returns an error code if attrName is not one of the valid values given above.