long overrideDefaultColorScheme(short schemeEnum, string customColors)

This method sets the current default color scheme for the layer to that indicated by schemeEnum.  The schemeEnum argument is an enumeration with possible values 0, 1, or 2, corresponding to RAINBOW, GRAYSCALE, and CUSTOM color schemes, respectively.  These schemes have the following meanings:

If schemeEnum is 2, i.e. CUSTOM, then customColors must contain a comma-separated list of  n RGB values in the format (r0:b0:g0),(r1:b1:g1), ...,(rn:bn:gn), where n is the required number of colors.  Thus, n must be the number of unique values in a unique classification or the number of ranges in a range classification. (For other schemeEnum values, customColors is ignored.)

The scheme set via this method will be used during all subsequent calls to the following methods:

for this layer.  

The initial default color scheme is RAINBOW, unless the layer has been classified by the data profile, in which case the default color scheme is the one provided by the data profile.