long overrideDefaultTrackFont(string ck, string fontDescriptor)

This method sets the current font for the track identified by ck, based on fontDescriptor.  This font is used for labels that are associated with markers placed along the track.  Such markers and optional labels are created using showSymbolAlongTrackAtTime.

The fontDescriptor argument must contain a valid font description string.  Valid font description strings are obtained by parsing the return values from the method ProgramAPI.getFontList. On Chinese systems, this list includes Chinese (as well as English) fonts.

The initial default font is "Times New Roman".  On Chinese systems,

  1. if the initial default font has not been overridden or it has been overridden by another English font, and
  2. a Chinese label is supplied (via showSymbolAlongTrackAtTime),

the Chinese font "hsi ming ti" is substituted as the default.  If the default font has been overridden by a Chinese font, both Chinese and English labels will be shown in the new font, with the appearance of English characters being determined by the way they are defined in the Chinese font. (Chinese fonts support Western characters.)

This method returns 0 upon success, and returns an error code if ck does not identify a track or fontDescriptor does not identify a valid font.