A track is a special subclass of the transient line feature type.  To create a track, the client must do the following:

  1. Create a 3D line via the LineAPI method createLine, where the last argument, i.e. array3, is a comma-separated list of time values measured in seconds since the system time base.
  2. Call one of the LineAPI methods addVertexHighlightingSupport or addSegmentHighlightingSupport, or both if segment and vertex support is desired.

Once these two steps have occurred, a transient line feature belongs to the special subclass track, and is either a track with vertex support, segment support or both.  Tracks with vertex highlighting support can have one or more of its vertices highlighted with a client-specified symbol. Tracks with segment highlighting support can have one or more of its line segments highlighted with client-specified line feature qualities. The LineAPI provides the following methods that operate on tracks with vertex support:

and the following methods that operate of tracks with segment support:

In addition, the MouseModeAPI provides the following track-related methods: