bool hasLocRelativeToCurrentLine(string x, string y, int relation)

This method returns TRUE or FALSE depending on whether or not the location given by x and y has the given relation to the current line.  The current line must have been previously set via setCurrentGeometry, where the arguments to the latter define a line.

The coordinates x and y must be in the Exchange Coordinate System if the map type is NEMR or LLDG, and in the map's own coordinate system if the map is of type NRMR (See map types).

The relation argument is either zero or one.  If relation is zero, the method returns TRUE/FALSE if the given location is North/South of current line.  If relation is one, the method returns TRUE/FALSE if the given location is East/West of the current line. For vertical profiles (See ViewMngrAPI.createVerticalProfileView) substitute above/below and right/left, respectively.

This method also returns FALSE, if no current geometry has been set or the current geometry is not that of a polygon.