string querySelectionByIndex(int index)

This method returns detailed information about the selected feature at position index in the current selection list.  Thus, valid values of index are 0 through n-1, where n is the number of features in the current selection list.  (The current selection list is obtained, via getSelectedFeatures.)

The information is returned in the form of a comma-separated list of property/value pairs. In each pair, the property and value are separated by a colon.  The properties always include the feature type and the layer name.  Remaining properties depend on the type of layer (See Overview of Data Layering) and the feature type

If the layer is an ESRI Shape Layer, there is a property/value pair for each DBF column, i.e. the property is the the column name and the value is taken from that column at the row corresponding to the feature. Otherwise, there is a property/value pair for each CARIS Textual Attribute, i.e. CARIS Key, Feature Code, Source ID, and Theme number. 

If the feature type corresponds to a: