All modifiers, except setReceiver and restrictToActiveView, change the state of the SDM, such that a mouse click and/or drag within a view will result in a specific mouse-based operation.  Simple mouse modes are complete when the mouse operation is complete.  Complex mouse modes gather particular information for the client after the mouse operation is complete.  Once the SDM is placed in a particular mouse mode, it remains in that mode until the client calls setNeutralMode, or the user clicks the right mouse button.  The only exception is when using setLineDrawingMode with a predefined number of line segments. 

Setting Simple Mouse Modes

The methods below set the mouse mode for all views, i.e. the user may click (or drag) in any view.

Setting Complex Mouse Modes

All complex mouse modes provide information to the client, either synchronously or asynchronously (See Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Response).  The modes are set for all views unless restricted to the active view only via restrictToActiveView.


Other Modifiers


These methods return information about the results of complex mouse operations, when those operations are performed synchronously.  (See discussion Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Response.)