void setHighlightSegmentMode(bool isSynchronous)

This method sets the state of the SDM such that a mouse click on a track highlights the segment on which the click occurred.

The client using isSynchronous = TRUE must test for completion of the operation (as described in the discussion Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Response). When isSynchronousOpComplete returns TRUE, the client must call getKey, getItemIndex, and getItemState to obtain the CARIS Key, segment index, and state, respectively, of the effected track segment.

The client using isSynchronous = FALSE, must have previously identified itself to the MouseModeAPI object and exposed the method receiveHighlightedSegment (see Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Response), to which the track and segment information is supplied as agruments.

Migration note for v2.5 developers: setHighlightSegmentMode corresponds to setHighlightSegment when used  asynchronously.