long create(string ck, string fc, string x, string y)

This method creates a new point feature with CARIS Key and Feature Code given by ck and fc, respectively, at the coordinates (x, y).  The coordinates must be in the current Exchange Coordinate System, unless the map type is NRMR (See Map Types).

The Point feature is created with the current defaults for symbol size, orientation, and color, as well as the current default restriction.  These defaults can be modified by the PointAPI methods:

respectivley, by calling one or more of them prior to create.

The method returns 0 upon success, and returns error codes for the following conditions:

Migration note for v2.5 developers: create corresponds to createNewPointFeature and createNewPointFeatureEx, where the size, color, and restrict property are determined by the current default setting.  Use overrideDefaultSize, overrideDefaultColor, and overrideDefaultRestrictProperty as needed.