void synchronizeManagers(string msg, string mngrList)

This method provides a way for a manager or general client to send an arbitrary message to a list of managers.  The message is given by the argument msg, and may contain any information in any format.  The manager list is given by the argument mngrList, and must contain a comma-separated list of registry names of managers.

The SDM forwards the message to each manager in the list by calling each manager's synchronize method.  It is the developer's responsibility to ensure that each manager in mngrList exposes this method.

If a particular registry name is not contained in the application's manager list or if that particular manager is not currently running, no attempt is made to forward the message.  However, if the registry name is valid and the manager is currently running, but does expose the synchronize method, an error will result.

The content of the message is meaningful only to the initiating client and receiving managers and is thus the sole responsibility of the developer.  The latter will typically perform some action as a result of receiving the message.