long createSmokeField(string ck, string fc, string x, string y, double r1, double r2, float angle)

This method creates a special polygon called a smoke field with CARIS Key and Feature Code given by ck and fc, respectively, and with geographic characteristics given by x, y, r1, r2, and angle.  With reference to the figure below (The smoke field is the shaded region.):


The figure below shows a smoke field with all settings the same, except that angle = 78 degrees, instead of 90 degrees.

The smoke field is created with the current defaults for line weight, line style, fill style, and color, as well as the current default restriction.  These defaults can be modified by the ShapeAPI methods:

respectively, by calling one or more of them prior to createSmokeField.

The method returns 0 upon success, and returns error codes for the following conditions: