long presetPolygonHole(string xList, string yList)

This method defines a polygon hole with boundary given by xList and yList.  The arguments xList and yList must be comma-separated lists of corresponding x and y locations, respectively, in the current Exchange Coordinate System, unless the map type is NRMR (See Map Types). This method maintains a list of hole definitions, adding to the list each time it is called. It may be called one or more times, prior to calling createPolygon, which then attempts to incorporate all currently defined holes into the parent polygon, and then destroys the current list of holes.

If the given coordinate arrays do not close, i.e. if  (x0, y0) does not equal (xn-1, yn-1), an extra vertex, identical to the 0th vertex, is added to close the polygon.  However, other necessary attributes of the given coordinate arrays must be set properly, i.e.

Note that the above conditions are not checked at the time the hole is defined, but at the time the parent polygon is created.

The method returns 0 upon success, and returns error codes for the following conditions: