long selectFeature( string attrName, string attrVal, string cover )

This method causes the feature to be selected that satisfies the search criteria provided by the arguments attrName and attrVal (See General Search Criteria).  The selected feature becomes the only feature in a new selection list, i.e. if there is a previous selection list, it is discarded.  The selected feature is highlighted and information about the feature can be retrieved (See Retrieving Selected-Feature Information.)

The search time can be cut considerably if a cover argument is provided.  The cover argument has the form "xW,yN,xE,yN", providing the Western, Sourthern, Eastern, and Northern boundaries, respectivley, of a rectangle. The boundary values are assumed to be referred to the Exchange Coordinate System, unless the map is of type NRMR (See Map Types).  In the latter case, the given coordinates are assumed to be in the map's own coordinate system.  If a cover argument is provided, the SDM restricts its search for the specified feature to the portion of the map lying in the given rectangle.  If cover is the empty string, i.e. "", the search is over the entire map.  If cover is not empty, but it contains less than four items, it is treated as an empty string.

This method returns 0 if the specified feature is successfully selected, and returns an error code under the following conditions: