long createVerticalProfileView( string name, double hRange, double vRange )

This method creates a new view called name which represents a vertical plane, i.e. a plane perpendicular to the Earth's surface.  The view holds a map of type NRMR (See Map Types) that is initialized with horizontal and vertical axes.  The horizontal axis has length hRange, and the vertical axis has length vRange, where the ranges are in meters.

When transient features are created on this view, the x-coordinates must be between 0 and hRange, while y-coordinates must be between 0 and vRange.  If hRange is much larger than vRange (typically the case), vRange may be multiplied by an integer factor greater than one, provided the client calls ViewAPI.setVerticalScaleFactor, passing this factor as the argument, prior to creating any features.

This method returns 0 upon success, and returns an error code if the vertical profile cannot be created.