LPDISPATCH getViewWithIndex(int index)

This method retrieves the ViewAPI object of the view with the given index.  Views are indexed from 0 to n, where 0 is the index of the first view opened, 1 is the index of the next view opened, etc.  If the ith view is closed, all view indices above i move down one. The method is used as shown below.

In VC++, allocated on the heap (assuming vwMngrAPI is a pointer to the ViewMngrAPI):

  1. IViewAPI* vwAPI = new IViewAPI;

  2. vwAPI->m_lpDispatch = vwMngrAPI->getViewWithIndex(i);

In VC++, on the stack (assuming vwMngrAPI is a pointer to the ViewMngrAPI):

  1. IViewAPI vwAPI;

  2. vwAPI.m_lpDispatch = vwMngrAPI->getViewWithIndex(i);

In VB (assuming vwMngrAPI is a ViewMngrAPI object):

In the declarations:

Public vwAPI As Object


Private vwAPI As Object

Where needed:

Set vwAPI = vwMngrAPI.getViewWithIndex(i)

The client receives an instance of this object shared by other clients, if any.