General Search Criteria

All methods that search for features that may be either persistent or transient use two arguments to characterize those features: attrName and attrVal. The argument attrName must be of the form LayerName:Attribute, where LayerName is one of the permanent layer names as defined in the SAF or one of the transient or special layer names (See Overview of Data Layering). 

If LayerName is that of a 

Attribute must be a

and attrVal must be a CARIS Key value, Feature Code value, or Source ID value,  respectively.  Otherwise (if LayerName is that of an ESRI Layer), Attribute must be a DBF column name and attrVal must be a value in that column. In addition, attrVal can be a wild card expression, i.e. a string with an asterisk at the beginning, the end, or both.