bool initialize()

This method must be exposed by a tool or manager.  It is called by the SDM immediately after the client is activated.  From within this method, the client must connect itself to the SDM via:

so that it has a connection through which to establish other API connections (and to send the required notifyShutdown message if necessary).  The method should also establish any additional API connections, e.g. ViewMngrAPI,  that the client needs prior to user interaction with its dialogs (forms).  Note that the client should not try to establish these connections during initialization of its start-up dialog (form), as this will occur before the SDM calls the initialize method, i.e. before the connection to ProgramAPI is established.

This method must return a boolean value.  This value must be TRUE for VB and VB-like clients that terminate automatically when their public object is no longer referenced (in use) by other applications.