void receiveLocation(string x, string y, int viewIndex)

This method must be exposed by the client if the client calls any of the following MouseModeAPI methods:

parameterized for asynchronous response.  In addition, the client must have previously called the MouseModeAPI method setReceiver.

The SDM provides the coordinates (x, y) of a location in the Exchange Coordinate System if the map type (of the map in the view that was clicked) is NEMR or LLDG; otherwise (if the map type is NRMR), the coordinates are in the map's own non-registered coordinate system. (See Map Types). The nature of this location is determined by the MouseModeAPI method used, as given by the table below.

setSelectLocationMode Location of mouse click
setSelectPointFeatureMode Location of selected point feature, or mouse click if no feature selected.

If the client is using two or more of these methods, it must keep track of which was called, so that it will "know" which of the above interpretations is correct.

The SDM also provides the viewIndex of the view in which the user clicked. This may be used to obtain further information about the selected feature in the case where setSelectPointFeatureMode was used (See Retrieving Selected-Feature Information).