void receiveLocList(string xList, string yList, float initlPixSize, float finalPixSize, int viewIndex)

This method must be exposed by the client if the client calls any of the MouseModeAPI method setLineDrawingMode, parameterized for asynchronous response.  In addition, the client must have previously called the MouseModeAPI method setReceiver.

The SDM provides the coordinates (xList, yList) of the vertices of a polyline drawn by the user.  The arguments xList and yList are comma-separated list of x and y coordinates, respectively,  in the Exchange Coordinate System if the map type (of the map in the view that was clicked) is NEMR or LLDG; otherwise (if the map type is NRMR), the coordinates are in the map's own non-registered coordinate system. (See Map Types).   The pixel size in meters associated with the view state at the time the first point and last point are obtained is provided by initlPixSize and finalPixSize, respectively.

The SDM also provides the viewIndex of the view in which the user clicked.