Customizing Help


Custom help files are integrated with the SDM via a file named "helpList.text".  This file contains one line of information for each help file to be integrated.  A maximum of 20 lines (files) is allowed.  Each line consists of two fields separated by a comma.  The first field is the full or relative path to the help file.  The second field is the name by which the developer wishes the end-user to recognize the help file.  The latter appears as a menu item under the "Help" menu.

If a help file's menu item is clicked, the SDM attempts to invoke the program associated with the file via the file's extention.  If the attempt is successful, the program comes up with the corresponding file displayed.  For example, if the help file's extention is .txt, the Microsoft Notepad program will be started and initialized with the .txt file. (The developer should use files associated with programs that are certain to reside on the target platform.)

The SDM looks for the "helpList.text" file, as given by the SDM_HELP_LIST environment variable. If no such environment variable is set, either globally or via the support directory (See Runtime Environment), no items are added to the "Help" menu.