Integrating Managers With the SDM


Managers are integrated with the SDM via a file named "mngrList.text".  The first line of this file contains a single word or short phrase which is used as the title for a custom entry on the SDM's menu bar. This is followed by one line of information for each manager to be integrated.  A maximum of 20 such lines (managers) is allowed.  Each such line consists of two fields separated by a comma.  The first field is the manager's registered name.  The second field is the name by which the developer wishes the end-user to recognize the manager.  The latter appears as a menu item under the custom menu.

If a custom menu item is clicked while the corresponding manager is not executing, the SDM invokes the manager, using the given registered name.  If the menu item is clicked while manager is executing, the SDM calls the manager's restoreWnd method.  If the user terminates a manager via its GUI or the manager terminates itself (and the manager has properly notified the SDM via ProgramAPI.notifyShutdown), it will be invoked again when the menu item is clicked.  If the user has merely minimized the manager, its window will be restored when the menu item is clicked.

The SDM looks for the "mngrList.text" file, as given by the SDM_MNGR_LIST environment variable. If no such environment variable is set, either globally or via the support directory (See Runtime Environment), no custom menu appears on the SDM.