SDM Tools & Managers

The SDM recognizes two special classes of client: tools and managers.  A tool is intended to be a simple, general-purpose client that would be useful in a wide variety of applications.  By contrast, a manager is intended to be a more complex, specifically-targeted client that would perform tasks appropriate to a single application or perhaps a restricted set of similar applications.  While these philosophical considerations are important when designing an application, what really matters, i.e. what makes a tool a tool and a manager a manager, is that they follow a well-defined protocol for interacting with the SDM.

Due to their general nature, tools essentially extend the functionality of the SDM. To this end, RITI supplies several tools with the SICOM developer package.  These are:

The developer is free to include as many of these as desired in an end-user application.  The developer can build and include his own tools exclusively, or include a mixture of RITI-supplied and developer-supplied tools.

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